Cara Griffith, Jewelry Artist

About the Artist

Spiral NecklaceCara Griffith began her jewelry endeavor in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan in the early 1990's. After graduating from the University of Michigan she relocated to the Washington D.C. area to pursue other interests. She later returned to her love of handcrafting jewelry.

Each piece of Cara's jewelry is made by hand, one at a time and constructed with an emphasis on an overall balance of shape, color and texture. Much of her inspiration comes from the materials themselves. Cara does not confine herself to one specific jewelry technique, but instead allows the materials to inspire her final design. Cara's jewelry mirrors her outlook in life, which accounts for the wide range of styles in her pieces. It is along these paths that her designs develop and continue to evolve. Her passion is revealed in the well designed, meticulously crafted pieces themselves.